Learner PathsLearner ProfilesTeachers and learners understand each learner's assets, interests, and needs.
Learner DataTeachers and learners use data regularly to drive learning.
Goal SettingTeachers and learners co-create personal learning paths.
Strategic TimeTime and schedules flex to meet learners’ needs
Evolving Teacher and Learner RolesFlexible ModalitiesLearning methods flex to reflect each learner's profile related to content areas.
Learner EngagementLearners have voice and choice and practice reflection.
Teacher DevelopmentTeachers experience personalized professional learning.
Strategic Resource UseStrategic SpaceSpace supports learners' needs
Strategic TechnologyTechnology is a strategic tool to personalize learning
Strategic CommunityCommunity partnerships are strategic
Next Gen Curriculum and Ways to Demonstrate Learning Competency Based LearningLearners progress based on mastery of standards
Learner CollaborationLearners work together and support peer to peer learning
Assessment as LearningLearners have multiple opportunities and ways to demonstrate learning
Learner AgencyLearner Voice and ChoiceLearners exercise responsibility for goal setting, self reflection, and collective learning